How to Train Your Dog: Do’s and Don’ts

How To Train Your DogJust like humans, dogs are considered as ideal companions. These pets give back the love and care for the people who give them attention. We can’t hide the fact that dogs are could identify if they are surrounded with arrogant or lovable owners.

As part of imparting discipline and additional skills to a dog, it is quite necessary to know the proper guidelines on how to train your dog. This will promote a quality time with your favorite buddy. Aside from spending sharing something new to him, you can establish a memorable experience which will last until his death. It is a great feeling to know that you were able to impart essential training even on your pet.

How to train a dog: The Things to do and those to be ignored


1. Be nice. Whenever your dog approaches, it is important that you let him feel the excitement of seeing him after a tiring day. An act of kindness will be highly appreciated.

2. Choose to give a command once. Being too authoritative might lead to the total loss of rapport between the owner and the pet. While having a training, one must not forget about the affective side of the activity. Even though you don’t directly hear clear words from a dog, this pet knows how to recognize good attitude. If it happened that your dog did not respond, it is suggested to reinforce such command.

3. Call a dog with his name. There are times when a dog is occupied with other things. He may be distracted by the environment or objects. By simply calling his name, you will be able to catch his attention. There’s no need to repeat several instructions excessively.

4. Always choose positive reinforcement. Instead of saying “No” for what he does, it is better to give him a simple smile. Furthermore, it is important to note that you must use a natural voice when telling him your command.

5. Be consistent. If you were very energetic and enthusiasm on the first day of dog training, these qualities must be evident on the next days. By doing so, the dog will conclude that you are sincere on your goal.

6. Make sure that the training is fun-filled and efficient. It is not applicable to be very serious in training your dog. You must be sensitive on what he might feel if you always show anger and violence.


1. Don’t show unpleasant attitude towards your dog. Even if you find it challenging to deal with the daily training, you must stay positive. This will give him motivation and a sort of inspiration.

2. Don’t isolate him from others. During training, you might meet other pet owners. It is important that you find time to allow your dog to socialize with other pets.

3. Don’t shout at your dog. Just to make your command clear, it is not ideal to raise your voice. This will worsen the result of the performance. Don’t give up. Certainly, you start the training with great willingness. You must strive for progress.

Best dog training collar: Important pointers to consider

• Select a collar which fits on dog training. For a worthy purchase, it is very necessary to give a closer look on the current environment and behavior of the dog. You may be unaware that te right choice of collar contributes to the success of dog training.

• Buy a collar with tone mode. If you want an active response from a dog during training, it is recommended to purchase something that beeps. Through this, there will be no problem on getting the attention of your pet. However, if a sound will give discomfort and pain, you may just buy him the standard collar.

• Be sure that you already own a dog before buying a collar. It is a common misconception for people to buy supplies prior to their dog ownership. Before deciding on the best collar to purchase, you must know the temperament of your dog. This will help you on conducting a smooth training process.

• Fear must not affect your dog upon the purchase of device. One description of the best dog training collar is its ease of use. While wearing such device, your dog must stay calm and natural on his movements.

Training collars for dogs and their importance

Training collars will serve as functional tools during the training period. When selecting the right collar, the owners must be good observant about the desirable features.

Agility training for dogs and its benefits

By simply conducting agility training, your dog will have healthier routines. As a facilitator, you will play a big role on the success of the training. The key to the attainment of the goal will depend on how you exert effort and positive behavior towards your dog.